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 File Format,  Paradox Repair & Recovery,  and Decryption

File Format

I have deciphered most of the Paradox table file format.  This .ZIP file also includes a copy of Kevin Mitchell's PARADOX4.TXT file, which goes into more detail on certain elements of the file format.

This remains a work in progress. If you have any additional data, please let me know via email.

PxBLUE:  Paradox Repair & Recovery 

PxBLUE is a Paradox table repair and recovery program designed to salvage whatever it can from those lost records that TUtility can't find.


PXUNSEC and PXDAZZ are two old programs that exploit an old flaw in Paradox security to decode encrypted Paradox tables without knowing the password.  (I'd tell you what the flaw is, but some of you may enjoy figuring it out for yourselves.)

PXUNSEC.EXE will quickly decrypt Paradox tables, and PXDAZZ.EXE will find a working password.  While PXUNSEC will not work with some Paradox 5 and 7 tables, PXDAZZ.EXE can be used for virtually all.  These are small MS-DOS utilities with a simple command-line interface.

For something newer, About.com has a few universal passwords here.

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